Infiltration Damp

Moisture by infiltration is a type of lateral moisture and it comes right from the other side of the buried or semi-buried wall, from where we see moisture spots.

Where can we find moisture by penetration?

In all cases this type of moisture is located in the underground plants (basements, garages) where the walls are buried and therefore in direct contact with the earth.

Not all underground plants are completely below ground level; some are semi-buried and may even have a window at the top for ventilation and light.

What is the origin of moisture by infiltration?

The origin of the humidity in this case is the wet earth that is in contact with the buried walls, either because it has rained or because it is in an area with a natural groundwater presence.

If the walls that are in contact with this wet earth are not well waterproofed or has been deteriorated with time , then the water begins to seep into the interior of the house.

The more wet the soil is, the less waterproofed the walls are and the more porosity the material has, the greater the amount of moisture we have inside the house.

How can we detect moisture by infiltration?

You may find spots of moisture at different sizes of the buried wall with paint chips or white saltpeter spots.

Moisture by penetration also creates a very humid environment in the air and mold spots may appear on the walls corners.

What is the step-by-step process for solving infiltration damp?

First: Remove all the coating of the walls in bad conditions.
Second: Sane and treat the hygroscopic salts on the wall surface.
Third: Application of three technical mortars layers from 3 to 5 mm.
Fourth: Smoothing the walls with technical plaster.
Fifth: Painted walls (non-plastic paints).

What is the definitive solution for moisture by infiltration?

The most effective solution is the internal waterproofing of the walls by technical mortars to prevent the water filtration.

We are creating a kind of inner glass that covers all the walls where the moisture cannot enter anymore.

How long does it take to treat moisture by infiltration?

For instance the wall treatment for a house with 30 square meters infiltration, will be carry out in four days. If you want Humilogic to finish off the ultimate details you would have to add three more days.

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