Diagnósis Moisture by capillarity and condensation.

Solution: Creation of capillary barrier and VMI installation.

I decided to sell my house tired of moisture problems and not find a definitive solution, the straw that broke the camel’s back was that my wife was getting worse and worse due to the allergy she suffered in such a humid space.

By chance I found an advertisement for Humilogic in the Util Magazine, I was the first Humilogic client in Menorca, Carlos had the sincerity to tell me in the first visit.

I did not know that there were companies so specialized in dealing with humidity and less in Menorca, the inhabitants of the island have suffered it all their lives and it was hard to believe that it was possible to solve it.

They made an economic proposal that I accepted at the same time to start as soon as possible.

Two years ago we did the treatment, the humidity has disappeared completely and what is more important, my wife is much better health.
We are fully satisfied to have trusted Humilogic.

Alberto Cano

Diagnósis: Lateral infiltration on basement

Solution: Incubated

We have been suffering, for some years now, from damp problems in our basement, and we try to solve, on several occasions, without success.

This last winter, with the heavy rains that occurred, the humidity became even more evident.

Determined to find a definitive and guaranteed solution, through Internet, my wife and I found Carlos’ company, “Humilogic“.

Carlos offered us a close, personalized and fast attention.

He explained and advised us about our problem in a clear way, offering us a guaranteed solution.

When he started treatment, we could see his good work is based on his excellent professional training and technical equipment.

But without a doubt, what we want to highlight, above all, is their treatment, kindness and personal involvement, treating our problem as if it were his home, something appreciated in these times.

Thank you very much for everything Carlos.

A big hug from Javi and Covadonga.

Diagnósis Main cover waterproofing

Solution: Waterproofing with polyurethane membrane

I want to expose my experience with the Humilogic company specialized in anti-damp treatments.

I asked several budgets of different companies and chose Humilogic for its seriousness and professionalism.

They came home, gave me the budget immediately and started the process with polyurethane membrane. They explained the advantages of it clearly and answered all my questions.

In the work done, they were conscientious and meticulous. First they thoroughly cleaned the cover and then proceeded to waterproofing. At all times they were punctual, educated and used very quality materials.

I recommend Humilogic for its high degree of responsibility, experience and technical knowledge of damp solutions.

Trinidad Bergero Miguel

Diagnósis Lateral infiltration of rainwater into the buried wall of the Parking.
Solution: Encubado

Before finding Humilogic, I hire a construction company and the work did not work.

I decided to look for a company specialized in humidity problems and I found Humilogic online and it seemed to me a professional company, above all I was struck by the fact that they organized technical conferences at the architects’ school.

Problem solved, my opinion about Humilogic is a serious and responsible company, and they fulfill and respond with what they commit.

I hope my testimony will help you.

Vladimir Nabrochky

Diagnosis: Moisture by capillarity and condensation.
Solution: Creation of capillary rise barrier and installation of VMI.

Excuse me if my testimony is a bit extensive but I wanted to tell you in detail.
A couple of years ago I bought a house in Bahía Dorada, Estepona. When I visited the house, the owners had opened all the windows on the pretext that the house had been closed for a long time and that was why it smelled a bit.

he fantastic views of this house with the terrace door giving directly into the sand of the beach made me forget this “detail” with unimaginable consequences.

And here the nightmare began.

I emptied the house, I painted it whole, I furnished it, and it was spectacular!
In summer, to try to cover some of the expenses, I decided to rent it and, surprise, I started to get comments, that if the house smelled musty, the paint fell in some places etc …

In September I see the house and unfortunately I verify that the complaints are justified.

I call again the painters, they tell me that in the area of Estepona a large part of the houses have problems with humidity, what I have to ventilate the house often and that they will take out the paint again, they will put a first layer against humidity and they will repaint and problem solved.
Said and done.

November 2016, torrential rains in Estepona, floods … I see the house again … of heart attack! black walls of mold, dripping furniture, upholstery and rotten household linen.

A disaster.

To start again, I made the new ceilings, installed air conditioners with dehumidifier function working 24 hours, dust bags that absorb moisture … and I went back to painting!

Within a month the paint hung from the ceilings like stalactites, the bottom of the walls the white paint had turned black and the smell of mold was unbearable.


Discouraged, I go surfing the internet looking for imaginative solutions …. and I fall into a forum where a man who works in Ventilairsec explains how treating the walls and installing a VMI device ends with the problem.

I thought, another miracle solution !! But, I had nothing to lose!
I sent an email to Humilogic and a few days later, Mr. Carles Rodríguez contacted me and coincidentally they have a delegation in Marbella.

He proposed a diagnosis of the various types of humidity in the house, the walls that would have to be treated and that if I sent him the plans of the house he would study which was the ideal location and the correct power of the appliance that my house needed.

Fed up with the problem, I sent him the data he wanted and it took about ten days. Then I receive very detailed plans with the different works that would have to be done in each wall, the right machine to remove the humidity, renew and filter the air of the house continuously.

Frankly I thought it was a very serious study.


After a month, the result was spectacular, no trace of humidity and a feeling of breathing pure air, fantastic! In addition, they left the house impeccable, the sockets placed, the walls painted, and the furniture in place, everything perfect.

As good as it gets !!!
Several years have passed and this nightmare is completely forgotten.

With Humilogic, it has been the best money invested in my house.

I feel so grateful that if you want to speak personally with me, ask for my phone number to Carlos and contact me, because I wish I had found this company before, I would have saved money and headaches.

Richard Vescovi Leblon

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