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If you are visiting this website is probably because the humidity has become a problem in the space where you live, and you are looking for a solution. So let’s focus on informing you in the simplest way possible about the different types of humidity and how they are solved.

Moisture by capillarity is one of the most frequent types of humidity. This type of moisture occurs when moisture is rising through the capillaries or pores of the walls.

The origin of the humidity is the earth on which houses are built that gets wet when it rains. If in the subsoil there is water betas then the earth will remain wet permanently.

The bricks capillaries or cement of all houses absorb moisture naturally as a sponge absorbs water, but not all houses have moisture.

Moisture by infiltration is a type of lateral moisture and it comes right from the other side of the buried or semi-buried wall, from where we see moisture spots.

Where can we find moisture by penetration?

In all cases this type of moisture is located in the underground plants (basements, garages) where the walls are buried and therefore in direct contact with the earth.

Not all underground plants are completely below ground level; some are semi-buried and may even have a window at the top for ventilation and light.

Moisture by condensation is a very high humidity in your home’s air. Moisture in the form of vapor ends up condensing in water in different places of your house, and with a strong smell of humidity. Mold stains on the walls corners and ceilings are also very common.

Where can we find moisture by condensation?

This type of Moisture is very common in places where there is a lack of ventilation, for example you can see earlier in the morning on the floor or wet windows (glasses and frames).



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