Dampness caused by capillarity

Dampness caused by capillarity is one of the most common types of dampness.

This type of dampness occurs when moisture rises through the capillaries or pores of the walls.

It arises from areas of water below the earth’s surface called water betas in the subsoil, which when present, result in permanently wet soil in Marbella and Málaga.

More about Dampness by Capillarity

Dampness by Capillarity Marbella

Why does your house suffer from dampness caused by capillarity?

The house was probably built with inadequate insulation or waterproofing between the foundation and the base of the walls. Therefore, every time it rains the walls naturally absorb moisture, and if the soil facilitates water accumulation, the dampness will be constant. There is simply no way of stopping it.

How can dampness caused by capillarity be identified?

As the walls absorb moisture, dampness begins to emerge from the surface, causing the paint to swell and detach from the walls’ surfaces. In addition, white dust stains can also be observed coming out of the walls. This “dust” is actually hygroscopic salts (chlorides, nitrates and sulfates) that the water sucks out and brings to the surface.

What is the permanent solution for dampness caused by capillarity?

Different types of solutions are available, the method used by Humilogic because of its supreme efficiency, is to inject waterproofing resins (made of silanes and siloxanes) into the walls in order to generate a waterproof barrier. By doing so, when moisture wants to ascend it will come up against the resins and will not be able to continue ascending the wall.

What is the process for getting rid of dampness caused by capillarity?

Step One: Remove surface layers (plaster, mortar, etc …) affected by the humidity spots until the foundation is reached (bricks, concrete, etc …)
Step Two: Sanitise and treat wall surfaces.
Step Three: Inject waterproofing resins (product exclusive to Humilogic).
Optional: New wall cladding made of porous macro material.
Optional: Walls are painted with ecological, non-plastic paints.

How long does it take to treat dampness caused by capillarity?

The anti-dampness treatment for an 80 square meter house, for example, (consisting of three rooms: bathroom, dining room and kitchen) can be carried out in four days.

If you would like Humilogic to add the final touches after this anti-dampness treatment is completed, an additional six days is required.

How much does this anti-dampness treatment cost?

The price depends on the thickness and number of walls to be treated.

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