Dampness Caused by condensation


Moisture in the form of vapour ends up condensing in Marbella and Málaga as water in different parts of your home, and smells strongly of humidity. Mould stains on the corners of walls and ceilings are also very common.

More about Dampness by Condensation

Dampness by Condensation in Marbella

Where can dampness caused by condensation be found?

This type of dampness is very common in areas where there is a lack of ventilation, and can be noticed early in the morning on the floor, or on wet windows (on the glass and window sills).

Mould spots appear on the corners of walls where they attach to the ceiling, behind beds and also wardrobes. Additionally, when wardrobes are opened there is often a strong smell of mould, and layers of green mould can be found on leather shoes or clothes.

What is the origin of dampness caused by condensation?

The primary cause of this type of dampness is the accumulation of water vapour in the air of the home which is prevented from leaving the house. This leads to a situation in which the vapour turns into water in the coldest parts of the home.

What is the permanent solution for getting rid of dampness caused by condensation?

To solve dampness caused by condensation a VMI (Mechanical Ventilation by Insufflation) needs to be installed, which is a system that facilitates the renewing of the air in your home without having to constantly open windows.

It is the fastest and most effective solution, and within two to three days any humidity or dampness caused by condensation disappears. With a single VMI treatment we can ventilate and clean the air in any house of up to 150 square meters. VMI is a state of the art system which automatically activates only when necessary, and constantly measures both the interior and exterior temperatures, as well as the relative and absolute humidity, in order to decide the best time for air ventilation.

If the treatment is undergone in winter we will preheat the air before entering the home, and the air will also be filtered to prevent particles or pollen entering from outside.

The electricity consumption is very low, and uses approximately one third of a dehumidifier’s electrical consumption. Furthermore, the VMI does not make noise, within a metre’s distance the sound is practically unnoticeable.

What is the process for getting rid of dampness caused by condensation?

Step One: Installation of the VMI.
Step Two: Installation of air vents.

Each installation of VMI is entirely personalised, your house plans are sent to the Ventilairsec Engineering Department in order to provide the best solution for your particular case.

How long does it take to install a VMI?

As an example, for a house of approximately 80 square metres the VMI can be fully installed in two days.

How much does this anti-dampness treatment cost?

The price varies in each case, depending on the number of cubic metres to be treated within the house, and also the level of humidity, as such, each case requires a personalised plan of action.

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