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Carlos Humilogic
Firma socio Humilogic

Carlos Rodríguez Surrallés

Founder & CEO

Humilogic is a company specialized in anti-damp treatments.

Humilogic is a company which specialises in anti-dampness and anti-humidity treatments.

We have a team of technicians with more than 25 years experience within the anti-humidity sector in Europe, and we have successfully carried out more than 1,200 treatments.

The primary pillar of Humilogic is the continuous development of our products and techniques in order to improve the quality of dampness solutions.

One of the advantages of choosing Humilogic is that we are a company without significant structural expense. Consequently, this allows us to offer the best anti-humidity and anti-dampness solutions at a more economical price than other companies in our sector.

The most important part of a successful anti-dampness treatment is the diagnosis, each being unique and requiring a personalised analysis.

We have some of the most efficient diagnostic equipment in Spain, which we use to discover the origin of dampness in your home, from which we are able to formulate a quote.

We work throughout the province of Malaga, with headquarters in Marbella.

Our clients are both homeowners and professionals in the sector: Architects, Interior Designers and Real Estate Agents.

All treatments are guaranteed to last from 10 to 30 years.

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