Some people might identify this word as the permanent solution to any type of dampness or humidity problem.

It is therefore important to clarify the fact that there are different types of dampness, some of which are solved by way of waterproofing, especially when leaks or dampness stains become apparent on ceilings.

The diagnosis, products used and correct application are all paramount in order to obtain excellent results. At Humilogic our work truly is our passion, and consequently we are continuously undergoing training in order to improve our solutions.

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There are many different products used in the waterproofing market, from asphalt cloth which has been around for years, to more recent products such as rubber paints.

Waterproofing Treatment for Dampness

At Humilogic we analyse each case individually in order to find the best possible solution. One of the products that we use the most is a two- component polyurethane membrane liquid, reinforced with geotextile mesh when necessary, and also apply a bonding bridge beforehand..

We have chosen this product because it is one of the most advanced and one which possesses the best waterproofing and elasticity properties.

We waterproof flat or inclined roofs, rooftops and terraces.

All waterproofing treatments come with a 20 year guarantee.

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