Diagnosis: Dampness caused by capillarity and condensation.

Solution: Creation of capillary barrier and VMI installation.

I decided to sell my house tired of humidity and dampness problems and not being able to find a permanent solution. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the fact that my wife’s health was worsening due to the allergy she suffered as a result of living in such a damp environment.

By chance I found an advertisement for Humilogic in the Util Magazine. I was the first Humilogic client in Menorca, which Carlos had the honesty to mention during his first visit.

I was unaware that companies so specialised in dealing with dampness existed, especially in Menorca. The inhabitants of the island have suffered from it all their lives, and it was hard to believe that it was possible to find a solution for it.

They gave me a very reasonable quote, which I accepted on the spot in order to start as soon as possible.

It has been two years since the treatment was carried out, the dampness has completely disappeared, and more importantly, my wife’s health has improved considerably.

We are 100% satisfied with the work done by Humilogic“Alberto Cano”

Diagnosis: Lateral infiltration in basement.

Solution: Incubation.

We had been suffering for several years from dampness problems in our basement, which we had tried to solve on several occasions, to no avail.

What’s more, last winter with the heavy rains that occurred, the dampness became even more evident. So, determined to find a permanent and guaranteed solution, we turned to the internet where my wife and I found Carlos’ company, “Humilogic“.

From the very first contact we made with Carlos, our dealings with him were personalised, friendly and efficient. He explained and advised us about our problem in a clear way, and offered us a guaranteed solution.

When he started the treatment, we could tell that his efficiency was based on his excellent professional training and technical equipment.

But without a doubt, what we would like to highlight above all, is his way of interacting with us. His friendliness and personal involvement, treating our problem as if it were his own, is definitely something to be appreciated in this day and age.

Thank you very much for everything Carlos. A big hug from Javi and Covadonga”.

Diagnosis: Waterproofing of roof.

Solution: Waterproofing with polyurethane membrane.

I would like to share my experience with the Humilogic company, which specialises in anti-humidity and anti-dampness treatments.

I asked several different companies for quotes and chose Humilogic due to their seriousness and professionalism. They visited my home, immediately gave me a quote and started the treatment process with polyurethane membrane. During the process they clearly explained the advantages and answered all of my questions.

They worked conscientiously and meticulously. First, they thoroughly cleaned the roof and then proceeded with the waterproofing. At all times they were punctual, polite and used high-quality materials.

I definitely recommend Humilogic because of their high degree of responsibility, experience and technical knowledge regarding dampness solutions. “Trinidad Bergero Miguel”

Diagnosis: Lateral infiltration of rainwater into submerged wall of parking.

Solution: Incubation.

Before coming across Humilogic, I had hired a construction company, however, the work they carried out was not successful. So, I decided to look for a company which specialised in dampness problems and I found Humilogic online. They seemed like a professional company, and above all I was impressed by the fact that they organised technical conferences at a school for Architects.

I am happy to say that Humilogic successfully solved my dampness problem. My opinion regarding Humilogic is that they are a serious and responsible company, and they not only respond to, but also fulfil what they set out to achieve.

I hope that my testimony will help you in your search for dampness solutions. “Vladimir Nabrochky”

Diagnosis: Dampness caused by capillarity and condensation.

Solution: Creation of capillary rise barrier and installation of VMI.

A couple of years ago I bought a house in Bahía Dorada, Estepona. When I visited the house, the owners had opened all of the windows on the pretext that the house had been closed for a long time, and that was why it smelled a bit.

The fantastic views, combined with the terrace door which opened out onto a sandy beach meant that I overlooked this “minor detail”, albeit with unimaginable consequences.

And this is when the nightmare began.

I took everything out of the house, then painted and furnished it, and it really did look incredible!

In Summer, in order to try to cover some of the expenses, I decided to rent the house out, and surprise, surprise, I started to receive complaints from the tenants saying that the house smelled musty, and the paint was beginning to peel off in some places.

In September I visited the house and unfortunately had to verify that the complaints were indeed justified.

I called the painters again and they told me that in the Estepona area a large percentage of the houses have dampness problems, and that I had to ventilate the house often, and they would remove the paint again, repaint with an initial layer of anti-dampness paint, add another layer of paint, and the problem would be solved.

Problem solved – or so I thought.

In November 2016 torrential rains and floods hit Estepona, and I returned to visit the house again. I could have almost had a heart attack when I saw the walls black with mould, the furniture dripping with moisture, and the upholstery and household linen rotten – it truly was a disaster.

I had to start again! So I had new ceilings built, installed air conditioners with a dehumidifier function which functioned 24 hours, and also bags that absorb moisture, and I started painting the house again.

Within a month the paint hung from the ceilings like stalactites, the white paint at the bottom of the walls had turned black, and the smell of mould was unbearable.


Discouraged, I started surfing the internet looking for imaginative solutions, where I came across a forum on which a man who works in Ventilairsec explained how treating the walls, and installing a VMI device is the solution to dampness problems.

I thought, this must be another ‘miracle’ solution, but really, I had nothing to lose.

I sent an email to Humilogic and a few days later, Mr. Carles Rodríguez contacted me and coincidentally they have a headquarters here in Marbella. He suggested that he carry out a diagnosis of the various types of dampness in the house, the walls that would have to be treated, and said that if I sent him the house plans, he could identify the ideal location and the correct level of power required by the appliance for my home.

Fed up with the problem, I sent him the data he required and it took about ten days. After which, I received very detailed plans explaining the different treatments that would have to be carried out in each wall, and the machine required in order to remove the humidity and dampness, and renew and filter the air in the house continuously. Quite frankly, I thought it was a very professional summary and proposal, so I gave them the go ahead.

After a month, the result was incredible, there was no trace of dampness and it felt as if I was inhaling pure air in the house, fantastic! In addition, they left the house in an impeccable state, with the sockets in their correct places, the walls painted, and the furniture in its place, everything was perfect. This really is as good as it gets!!!

Several years have passed and my humidity and dampness nightmare is a mere memory.

Choosing Humilogic, has sincerely been the best investment I have made in my house. I feel so grateful that if you would like to speak personally with me, please ask Carlos for my phone number and contact me, because I wish I had found this company before, it would have saved me a lot of money and countless headaches. “Richard Vescovi Leblon”


Lore Ruiz
Lore Ruiz
20:31 25 Jun 20
Me atendió Carlos. Ha sido muy honesto y amable,nos atendió rápidamente pero tomándose el tiempo necesario para... explicar a sus clientes cual es la mejor solución. Sin lugar a dudas recomendaria esta empresa, atenciones tan profesionales y amables quedan muy pocas!! Os felicito!.read more
Elisa Machuca Jiménez
Elisa Machuca Jiménez
14:14 10 Jun 20
Estoy encantada de haber contactado con Carlos por un problema de humedad por condensación en una vivienda, ha sido... honesto, profesional y sobre todo muy honrado, me ha dado una solución sin tener que gastar mucho dinero. Como persona un 10 y un gran profesional.read more
Milagros Alonso
Milagros Alonso
11:30 06 Jun 20
El servicio de Humilogic para impermeabilizar una terraza de 250 m en un ático ha sido excelente. Su director gerente... Carles nos ha dado un trato muy profesional, sincero y honesto.Siempre cumplidor con su palabra. Es una persona que te habla las cosas muy claras desde el principio y de la que te puedes fiar. Hicieron un trabajo magnífico y siempre trató de adaptarse a nuestras necesidades trabajando incluso en fines de semana si era necesario Lo recomiendo con toda seguridad a cualquieraread more
Covadonga Picatoste
Covadonga Picatoste
10:08 27 May 20
Me parece una empresa seria y muy profesional. Carlos es amable y noble, sabe muchísimo sobre su profesión y nos... ayudo a solucionar todo de forma amable, eficaz y rápida. Servicio 10, quedó encantada. Voy a recomendarle. Gracias Humilogic, gracias Carlos G.read more
Costinel Tiberiu Predescu
Costinel Tiberiu Predescu
20:07 12 May 20
Simplemente Profesionales
chiara cantone
chiara cantone
13:24 04 Feb 20
Óptima experiencia. Muy profesional, amable y claro. Recomendaría sin dudas👍
Manuel Alzina
Manuel Alzina
06:30 21 Jul 19
Empresa seria y certera con sus diagnósticos. He podido ver como el sistema de humilogic ha cambiado la sensaciones... al entrar en viviendas con problemas de capilaridad o condensacion. Viviendas antiguas con mas de 60 años acaban pareciendo viviendas nuevas....read more
Laura Cabo Muñoz
Laura Cabo Muñoz
08:27 23 Jun 19
Desde que instalamos la maquina han desaparecido nuestro problemas de humedad y la calidad de aire repirable en casa.... Muy recomendable.read more
Nacho De la Fuente
Nacho De la Fuente
07:04 04 Jun 19
Carlos es una de las personas que más sabe de humedades de todas las que he conocido. Me atrevería a decir que en la... Costa del Sol nadie tiene más experiencia que Carlos. Además es una persona honesta, directa y sus solucione por lo general lo más eficientes y económicas que las del resto de proveedores que consulte. Lo volvería a contratar con los ojos cerrados y sin pedir presupuesto previo. Nacho de la Fuenteread more
21:12 01 Jun 19
Mi casa tenía un importante problema de humedad por capilaridad. Humilogic estudió el problema y me explicó la... solución a aplicar. Durante todo el proceso el trato recibido fué bueno y profesional; y como frente a soluciones similares de otras empresas, su presupuesto fué el mejor, contraté el trabajo con Humilogic. Humilogic realizó el trabajo con dedicación y profesionalidad; ya solo me queda pintar la casa y Humilogic me está asesorando sobre el material a emplear. Gracias Carles, espero seguir contando con Humilogic en el futuroread more
richard vescovi leblon
richard vescovi leblon
19:33 01 Jun 19
Una casa a pie de playa,abres la puerta de la terraza y estas en la arena.... Un sueño hecho realidad ! Pero a los... pocos meses de haber comprado la casa empezaron los problemas de humedad. GRAVES.....MUY GRAVES ! La casa estaba negra,la pintura colgando y el olor era insoportable. Bueno... había llovido mucho en Estepona,será eso ... Hice nuevo todo el tejado ,pinte de nuevo ...y a los dos meses otra vez el mismo problema ! Utilice pinturas antihumedad (tres veces),instale aparatos de aire acondicionado con función deshumidificador(en marcha las 24h),osmosis inversa , etc.... IMPOSIBLE ! Me equivoque con la casa ,tengo que vender la y olvidar esta pesadilla. De casualidad,buscando por internet foros sobre el problema de humedades encontré la empresa HUMILOGIC y explicaban cómo se podía acabar con la humedad. Francamente,no creía ya en las soluciones milagro,pero no tenía nada que perder. Contacte con Carles Rodriguez,le explique el problema y quedamos en que visitaría la casa. Sospecho que Carles no ha tenido que encontrarse muy a menudo con casas en semejante estado,pero sin inmutarse ,se limitó a pedirme los planos de la casa para calcular volúmenes e instalar la VMI adecuada para la casa ,diagnóstico los diferentes tipos de humedad existentes,las paredes a tratar,suelos etc... Me pidió diez días para proponerme una solución. Puntual como un reloj,me mandó un estudio detallando todos los trabajos a realizar y un presupuesto muy correcto que me decidió a dar el visto bueno. Como prometido,al cabo de un mes me anunció que los trabajos estaban terminados. ESPECTACULAR!!! La casa impecable,limpia y todo colocado en su sitio. Parecía nueva! A pasado ya un año y la casa sigue sin una sola mancha de humedad y con el aire ambiente limpio. A parte de haber demostrado que su empresa HUMILOGIC es un empresa seria y eficaz hay que reconocer que Carles es una persona de un trato exquisito y MUY humano. Aunque no nos vemos nunca,lo considero un amigo. A cualquier persona que tenga un problema de humedad,que no lo dude, confíe en esta empresa los ojos cerrados ! Richard Vescovi Bahia Dorada 3 Esteponaread more
15:33 30 May 19
Gente apasionada con su trabajo, profesionales, técnicos bien formados y con una atención sobresaliente al cliente.
Canautos Sl
Canautos Sl
12:22 29 May 19
Ell servicio y atencion por parte de la empresa Humilogic y en especial a Carlos (gerente) excepcional. Nos asesoro sin... prisas y sin pausa, el trabajo se desarrolló tal como se habló. Dentro de lo que es una obra, sin suciedad y todo muy ordenado. Es una empresa muy aconsejable al 100%. Relación calidad/precio de las mejores empresas del mercado. Cuidado con algunas empresas que hinflan sus precios para ofrecerte un cuantioso descuento si le contratas de inmediato (20% y ahí es donde te pillaron y ni así queda a su justo precio). Nuestro caso fue el siguiente: Teníamos humedad en una casa en el campo en prácticamente en su totalidad y gracias a ellos la humedad a desaparecido x completo. Debido a nuestro grado de satisfacción con ellos, hemos vuelto a repetir en otro local que tenemos en la costa y otra vez súper satisfechos.read more
Rosa Gonzalez
Rosa Gonzalez
12:43 21 May 19
¡EMPRESA TOTALMENTE RECOMENDABLE!. Impecable profesionalidad y cualificalificación. Me atendió Carles en cuanto... solicité su asesoramiento y presupuesto de una gotera ocasionada por la vivienda colindante. Su Respuesta, disposición y atención fué inmediata. Hizo un diagnóstico previo de la situación y me explicó con detalle cómo iba a ser el procedimiento y la actuación en mi caso. Sin dudarlo volvería a acudir a esta empresa para cualquier problema de impermeabilización. Muchas gracias Carlesread more
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