Moisture by capillarity

Moisture by Capillarity is one of the most frequent types of humidity.

This type of moisture occurs when moisture is rising through the capillaries or pores of the walls.

The origin of the humidity is the earth on which houses are built that gets wet when it rains. If in the subsoil there is water betas then the earth will remain wet permanently.

The bricks capillaries or cement of all houses absorb moisture naturally as a sponge absorbs water, but not all houses have moisture.

So why your house does has capillarity moisture?

The reason is because when it was built there wasn’t any insulation or waterproofed between foundations and the base of the walls. Every time it rains the wall naturally absorbs moisture. If the soil has the conditions to accumulate water then the humidity will be constant. There’s no way of stopping it.

How can we detect moisture by capillarity?

As the walls absorb moisture, it begins to emerge from the surface, swelling and detaching the paint from its surface.

We can also observe a kind of white dust stains coming out of the walls, this “dust” is the hygroscopic salts (Chlorides, nitrates and sulfates) that the water is dragging and brings them to the surface.

What is the definitive solution for capillary moisture?

There are different types of solutions, the one Humilogic applies for being the most effective is to inject waterproofing resins (based on silanes and siloxanes) on the walls that generate a waterproof barrier. When moisture wants to ascend will find the resins and will not be able to continue climbing up the wall.

What is the step-by-step process for solving capillary moisture?

First: Remove all the coating (plaster, mortar, etc …) affected by the humidity spots until reaching the support (bricks, concrete, etc …)
Second: Sane and treat the hygroscopic salts of the wall surfaces.
Third: Injection of waterproofing resins (Humilogic exclusive product).
Optional: New wall cladding with porous macro material.
Optional: Painted with ecological, non-plastic paints.

How long does it take to treat moisture by capillarity?

For instance an 80 square meters house (3 rooms, bathroom, dining room and kitchen) the anti-humidity treatment will be carried out in four days. If you want Humilogic after the anti-humidity treatment also finishes the ultimate details you would have to add 6 more days.

How much the anti-humidity treatment will cost me?

The price depends on the number of walls to be treated and their thickness.

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