Moisture by condensation


Moisture in the form of vapor ends up condensing in water in different places of your house, and with a strong smell of humidity. Mold stains on the walls corners and ceilings are also very common.

Where can we find moisture by condensation?

This type of Moisture is very common in places where there is a lack of ventilation, for example you can see earlier in the morning on the floor or wet windows (glasses and frames).

Mold spots appear on the walls corners, ceilings, behind the beds and wardrobes.

You will also find a layer of green mold in shoes or leather clothes.

What is the origin of moisture by condensation?

The first cause of moisture by condensation is when the house’s air accumulates water vapor and cannot go outside. There is a point that the steam becomes water in the coldest points of the house (Nord walls).

What is the definitive solution for moisture by condensation?

To solve the humidity by condensation we need to install a VMI (Mechanical Ventilation by Insufflation), it is a system that allows renewing the air of your house without having to constantly open the windows.

It is the most effective and fast solution, between two or three days all the moisture by condensation disappears. With a single VMI we can ventilate and clean the air up to 150 house square meters.

It is an intelligent system that activates automatically only when necessary, is constantly measuring the exterior and interior temperature, relative and absolute humidity so VMI decides the best time to renew the air.

In winter we will preheat the air before entering the house, the air will also be filtered to avoid the entry of particles or pollen from the outside.

The consumption is very low, for example approximately one third of a dehumidifier’s electrical consumption.

The VMI does not make noise, in a meter distance the sound is practically imperceptible.

What is the step-by-step process for solving condensation humidity?

First: Installation of the VMI.
Second: Installation of air vents
Each installation of VMI is totally personalized, we send the plans of your house to Ventilairsec Engineering Department in order to provide the best solution for your particular case.

How long does it take to install a VMI?

As an example for a house about 80 square meters the VMI it will be fully installed in 2 days.

How much will the anti-humidity treatment cost for my house?

The price varies in each case, it depends on the house cubic meters number to be treated and the level of the humidity, each case requires a personalized project.

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