We are one of the best companies specialized in humidity

Companies specialized in humidity

We are one of the best companies specialized in humidity

There are few companies in the sector that specialize in effectively removing all types of moisture. It is a complicated job, which requires a great deal of knowledge about different techniques and materials, and requires advanced equipment.

One of these companies is Humilogic, which has been working for several years in homes throughout the province of Malaga to treat humidity. One of the great advantages of hiring our services is that you will be able to know exactly the origin of the humidity thanks to our advanced diagnostic system. This is key when it comes to applying the specific treatment for that type of humidity.

Read on if you want to know the humidity that is normally treated in specialized companies.

Types of humidity eliminated by specialized companies

The first type is that of dampness by filtration. They are located in the basements of houses and affect the walls that are in direct contact with the damp soil. These walls are not well waterproofed and, over time, water begins to leak into the house. Here the solution of specialized companies like Humilogic is the waterproofing with screen mortars.

The second type is that of dampness by capillarity. It happens in houses that are built on wet ground and do not have a well waterproofed foundation. To eliminate them, waterproofing resins are injected into the walls.

The third and last type is dampness by condensation, which tends to appear a lot in the province of Malaga due to its humid environment. The accumulation of water vapour turns into mould and gives off a strong smell of humidity. The solution is to install a Mechanical Ventilation by Insufflation system.

We eliminate the humidity you are suffering at home

Stop spending money on methods that do not eliminate humidity definitively and count on the services of specialized companies such as Humilogic.

With our treatments, you will never again suffer any kind of humidity at home. We will make you an estimate according to the type of humidity and the size of your home. In a few days you will be able to enjoy your home again without those annoying humidities.

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