How to avoid dampness in closets and dressing rooms?

¿Cómo evitar humedades en armarios y vestidores

How to avoid dampness in closets and dressing rooms?

Do you know how to avoid humidity in wardrobes and dresses? Nowadays it is one of the most frequent problems, especially in rainy seasons where battling these stains should be our priority to avoid problems in the future.

The purpose of eradicating humidity from your home is of great importance, since if there is a high concentration of humidity in your home or business, it is the ideal environment for many malicious microorganisms and these could proliferate in said space.

You should know that humidity is very frequent in those homes and businesses that have poor distribution of water pipes, on the other hand, it can also occur due to the lack of waterproofing of the ceilings and walls. So it is key, remove moisture in time.

Types of humidities

Before knowing how to eliminate humidity we must know its types, pay attention.

We can find the following:

Humidity by filtration

It is evident in the thickened stains of the walls, this humidity is mostly retained in the wall paint, and when these lumps are sectioned, they can expel that concentration of water accumulated in said wall or wall.

Humidity by capillary

Very frequent in garages, basements or those spaces that have buried walls. In rainy events, it can present a higher concentration of humidity in the walls of basements or garages.

Humidity by condensation

Opaque-looking stains that appear on the windows of your home or in the bathrooms, in times of intense rain, causing a certain amount of water to concentrate on these crystals and if they are not cleaned and dried, it will lead to the formation of humidity.

Undoubtedly, one of the most recommended reasons to learn how to avoid humidity in closets and dressing rooms is to preserve the integrity of your property.

Health consequences of humidity

  • Allows the appearance of bacteria, molds and mites.
  • Harmful to children; since if they can have contact with these places of humidity, they become infected by bacteria that are proliferated in said moist space.
  • Respiratory diseases such as asthma and allergies.

Treatment against humidity

The first thing is to make a diagnosis by inspecting the place where the humidity is present, and then its cause is determined.

Afterwards, it should be detailed whether the trigger for this dampness is produced by the poor construction of a wall or roof in order to apply the necessary corrective measures. These processes against humidity can be done in any type of building or house.

In Humilogicmos the best instruments and devices that will allow us to determine the location and cause of this humidity.

Our services

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When requesting this service, our workers will go to the corresponding place and carry out a preliminary inspection. By observing the space and determining the places where said humidity occurs, action will be taken to remove the amount of humidity present in its walls.

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In case of doubts about how to and dressing rooms, remember that you can use the comment box or the blog, we will answer you as soon as possible and you will surely help someone else.

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