How to remove the odor of humidity in your house: the ultimate solution

Como quitar el olor a humedad

How to remove the odor of humidity in your house: the ultimate solution

Do you perceive that unpleasant musty and moldy smell? You are probably going through that situation right now. You have applied a thousand and one solutions that you have found on the Internet to eliminate the musty smell, but nothing works. You want to take care of the health of your family and the integrity of your home, but mold prevents it.

So how do you get rid of the musty smell forever? At Humilogic we have the permanent solution to damp odor, so you never have to worry about mold and fungus on the walls of your home, which cause that bad smell.

How to remove the odor of humidity with home products: non-definitive solutions

On the internet there are many “solutions” to remove the smell of humidity from your home. But, permanently, none of these options work. Likewise, we find it interesting to comment on them so that while the experts review your case, you can forget about the smell. These options are:

1. Coffee beans

We know that the smell of coffee that its grains give off is very strong and pleasant. Well, this aroma is capable of eliminating the musty smell of your house.

The application process is very simple: you just have to put a few grains in an open container and place it inside the space where the musty smell is coming from.

You can also use ground coffee, but in this case it is advisable to place it in a cloth bag. In this simple way, you can get rid of the musty smell and then you can use your coffee to drink it.

2. Lemon juice

Lemon juice gives off a citrus aroma that is very effective in eliminating musty smells from kitchens and bathrooms.

The application process is easy: you need to squeeze a large amount of lemon juice into a container and combine it with warm water in equal parts.

That anti-humidity solution should be poured into a spray container and sprayed on the places that will have a musty smell.

In addition, this solution is perfect for repelling mosquitoes and for removing musty smells from your towels.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon has antimicrobial properties and a very strong smell that can eliminate the microorganisms that cause mold and its bad smell.

The use is easy: take cinnamon powder, place it in cloth bags and distribute them in strategic spaces to combat the musty smell.

If you use cinnamon sticks, tie several with a ribbon and place them in strategic places.

4. Sea salt

Sea salt has absorbent properties that eliminate the musty smell without leaving behind other aromas, as other home remedies do.

The use consists of taking a plate and filling it with sea salt, placing it in the corner with the most mold and letting it act.

5. Vanilla essence

It is used, especially, for the refrigerator and other closed spaces.

For this you just have to apply vanilla on the surface and rub it with a towel. Do it 3 times a week.

What causes the odor of humidity?

The smell that you perceive as humidity is due to an extended colony of mold, which are fungi that are responsible for consuming the matter in which they grow and proliferate. So when you smell damp in your home, you should conclude that you have live mold in your home, since damp itself has no smell.

Now yes, how to remove the musty smell? Eliminating the fungus that produces it. That is, without a doubt, the permanent solution to your problems.

How to eliminate the odor of humidity forever?

To eliminate the musty smell from your home forever, we have a team of professionals trained to identify, evaluate, plan and attack the fungus effectively.

It should be noted that there are three types of humidity, which must be attacked differently, with different strategies, to be correctly eliminated. We talk about humidity by capillarity, humidity by condensation and humidity by filtration. The solution for one is not the same for another.

Actions to eliminate the odor of humidity according to the type of humidity

For example, to eliminate the musty odor due to capillarity, it is necessary to inject silanes and siloxanes into the walls, which are waterproofing resins that eliminate this fungus.

On the other hand, humidity by condensation is eliminated by installing a Mechanical Insufflation Ventilation, which renews the air, filtering and heating it.

Finally, the humidity by filtration ends with the waterproofing of the walls with screen mortars with fibers and different hydrepoxy resins.

Choose humilogic to eliminate the odor of humidity forever

Trust us, since we are a company that has been in the market for more than 25 years providing the best services to eliminate the musty smell and its root problem.

We have the best techniques for identifying and eradicating fungi and humidity, in addition to the most competitive prices in the sector. Our clients, who are Architecture Studios, Real Estate Agencies, Interior Designers and individuals, testify to our professionalism and efficiency.

In addition, we advise you with the best techniques after work, so that you apply the pertinent care, so that natural ventilation, sunlight and other elements are part of the preventive maintenance of the space.

So don’t hesitate, choose the best humidity company if you want to remove the smell of humidity forever, contact us right now. At Humilogic we want to help you, providing you with a permanent solution to those unpleasant odors and fungi that worsen the health of your family and the integrity of your home.

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