Humidity behind the stairs: types and how to eliminate them

Humedades detrás de las escaleras

Humidity behind the stairs: types and how to eliminate them

Humidity in the home can be produced by different causes. These, if not treated properly, can cause not only damage to our home, but can also cause serious illnesses, especially in our respiratory system.

It is for this reason that at Humilogic we show you some of the types of humidity behind the stairs that you can find in your home. In addition, you will be able to learn how to do a visual inspection in your home and how to solve this problem.

Visual inspection to detect humidity behind the stairs

Dampness in the home can be detected through a visual inspection of our home. This is because it shows various symptoms that allow us to identify the affected areas. By doing so, we can get down to work and look for professionals, such as those at Humilogic, to solve damp problems on the stairs. Some son symptoms:

  • Gray, black or moldy stains: these usually appear on any surface. They can be evidenced in places where there is little ventilation and high humidity.
  • Health problems: humidity harms the health of household members, mainly babies, children, pregnant women, the elderly and those who already suffer from allergies and respiratory problems.
  • Mites and fungi: they are organisms that are found in places where there is humidity and little light.
  • Surface Deterioration: Moisture in the stairwell area can cause peeling paint, rotting wood, rusty metal, wet tile, and more.
  • Strong moldy odors: Mold breeds especially where there is little ventilation and high humidity. This produces a very unpleasant stench.

What type of humidity can you find in the stairs area?

Stairs are one of the main places in the home where these dampnesses usually develop. If these are not repaired, they can cause serious damage to the structure of the home. Below are some of the types of damp behind stairs that can be found.

By capillary

This humidity usually appears on the first rungs of the ladder and ascends to the upper ones. It is produced by two factors: groundwater in the lower area of ​​the stairs and the absorption level of the materials used to build the stairs.

By filtration

This type of dampness in the ceiling of the staircase is caused by leaks on the outside. These leaks are caused by poor waterproofing, lack of drainage or poor construction.

By condensation

This is not usually easily seen. It happens when, when building the house, it is not taken into account that the materials allow a simple extraction of the air. This has the consequence that the water condenses and, finally, the humidity appears.

This is the type of humidity on the stairs that appears the most. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out a periodic inspection.

Solution to humidity behind the stairs with humilogic

To treat this dampness, it is best to hire professionals who solve this type of problem and guarantee the work. At Humilogic we have a professional team with a lot of experience that carries out the repair work according to the type of dampness that you have in your home. In this way we offer the following solutions:

Solution to capillary filtration

At Humilogic we solve capillary filtration by injecting waterproofing resins that are based on siloxanes and silanes.

Solution to filtration by filtration

The solution for filtration is to waterproof the walls internally using special elements.

Solution to filtration by condensation

The solution for this type of humidity is the installation of a Mechanical Insufflation Ventilation or VMI.

Humilogic has everything to repair dampness in your home, so contact us.

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