How to perform a professional moisture treatment at home

How to perform a professional moisture treatment at home

The presence of moisture in the home can cause structural damage, mold, odors and negatively affect people’s health. That’s why it’s important to address the moisture problem professionally. In this article, we will talk about professional moisture treatments that can help solve this problem.

What are the professional treatments for the elimination of humidity?

To remove moisture effectively, the following professional treatments should be performed:


Waterproofing is the process of protecting a surface from leaking moisture. This process is very important to prevent water from entering the structure of the house. Materials used in waterproofing can be asphalt membranes, polyethylene sheets, rubber coatings and silicone sealants. At Humilogic we are experts in waterproofing treatments.

Resin injections

Resin injection is a very effective treatment to stop the entry of water through the walls. This process is used in brick walls, stone, concrete blocks and other porous materials. The process involves injecting resin into the pores of the wall, which then expands to seal the gaps and prevent water from entering.

Dehumidification treatments

Dehumidification treatments are a solution for indoor moisture. This treatment involves installing a dehumidification system that extracts moisture from the air, reducing the risk of mold growth and odors. Dehumidification systems can be portable or permanent.

Ventilation treatments

Proper ventilation is essential to prevent moisture build-up in the home. Ventilation treatments may include installing exhaust fans in wet areas, cross-ventilation of rooms and natural ventilation through windows and doors.

Thermal insulation treatments

Lack of thermal insulation can cause condensation on walls and ceilings, which in turn can generate moisture. Installing thermal insulation on walls, ceilings and floors can reduce the amount of moisture that accumulates in the house. The wetness by filtration is what is best eliminated with the thermal insulation.

Plaster treatment

Plaster of the walls is a treatment that is used to cover the walls and protect them from moisture. Plasters can be of different types of materials, such as mortar or plaster, and are applied on the walls to protect them from moisture.

What problems can we avoid with moisture prevention treatments?

Avoid structural damage

Moisture can cause serious structural damage to the house, such as the degradation of building materials and the appearance of cracks in walls and ceilings. Prevention treatments can help avoid these problems, as they protect the structure of the house from the ingress of water and moisture.

Improve quality air

Humidity in the home can negatively affect indoor air quality, as it can cause the appearance of odors and the proliferation of bacteria and viruses. Prevention treatments can improve indoor air quality by reducing humidity and preventing the appearance of odors and microorganisms.

Save on repair costs

Moisture prevention can help save on long-term repair costs. If moisture is allowed to cause severe structural damage, repair costs can be very high. Prevention treatments are a short-term investment that can help avoid higher costs in the future.

We help you remove moisture from your home

At Humilogic we are experts in eliminating all types of humidity as well as flies from moisture. We have years of experience in the sector and with great professionals who will make your home disappear in the shortest time possible. If you want more information about the different services we can offer, do not hesitate to contact us.


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