How to remove humidity from the wall easily and forever

quitar la humedad de la pared

How to remove humidity from the wall easily and forever

If you are here it is because you want to remove moisture from the wall forever. This annoying appearance causes a bad smell, damages the walls and harms the health of those who live in the house.

For this reason, we have prepared this content so that you know the causes of humidity, the types that exist and how to eliminate them in a simple way.

Why does moisture appear on the wall?

The most common causes of humidity are those that we will describe below. If you notice that there are several or one of these in your house, you will love knowing how to solve them later.

  • Due to water and pipe leaks.
  • By water drains that are blocked and causing accumulation of water.
  • By seepage of water in walls, ceilings or cracks.
  • Due to excess moisture in the floor.

What types of wall damp can there be in my house?

There are 3 types of humidity that exist in houses. It is very important to know them, since it is the only way to know how to remove them.

Humidity by filtration

It is a lateral damp, which means that it originates from the exterior wall from where you are seeing the damp.

Capillary humidity

It is one of the frequent ones, and it originates in the lower part of the wall, when the humidity rises from it through the pores or capillaries of the wall.

It is caused by the land on which the house is built. This soil gets wet and causes fungus.

Humidity by condensation

It is produced by the humidity that exists in the air, causing a strong smell of fungi and mold, even the latter can appear on the walls.

How to remove moisture from the wall

To eliminate humidity successfully and forever, it is necessary to know how to attack it according to its type.

Remove moisture by filtration

To eliminate humidity by filtration, you only have to apply an internal waterproofing to the affected walls using screen mortar with fibers and hydropoxy resins. For that you must:

  • Remove the coating that the affected walls have.
  • Hygroscopic sales are treated.
  • Apply layers from 3mm to 5mm thick in order to cover the wall.
  • Smooth with mortars or with technical plaster.
  • Apply paint.

Remove moisture by capillary

At Humilogic we propose as a solution to this problem the injection of resins that are waterproofing and whose base is silanes and siloxanes. The process consists of:

  • Remove the coating until reaching the support structure.
  • Hygroscopic sales are treated.
  • Inject the waterproofing resins.
  • Cover the wall with the macro porous material.
  • Apply ecological paint.

Remove moisture by condensation

The healing process of the walls from this type of moisture is a little later.

To do this, a Mechanical Insufflation Ventilation (VMI) system must be installed, which renews the air in the room, heats it and filters it before injecting it back into the house.

This is the way to remove moisture from the wall related to condensation.

The best thing about this process is that you will always have fresh and pure air, in addition to the fact that the electricity consumption is very low.

Do you need help to remove damp from the wall? At humilogico we do it for you

If you want to eliminate damp forever, what you should do is hire the services of Humilogic, a company that specializes in curing homes of damp and mold.

We apply the best work techniques, with the most qualified professionals so that your home is fresh, free of damp odors and at a low price. Contact us.

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