Removing dampness at home is possible with Humilogic

Remove Dampness

Removing dampness at home is possible with Humilogic

Today we can say that there are three the most common types of humidity that we can find in a house. And, when you want to remove them, the quick and easy method is to ‘scratch and paint on the surface’, this is a quick solution, but not definitive at all, because after a while, they will reappear and with it the frustration of having to deal with it again.

Remove Dampness for ever

At Humilogic we are experts in eliminating humidity at home and anywhere else: garage, parking, apartments, offices, etc. We offer a definitive service and anti-humidity treatments, using the latest technology and the most advanced and innovative technical equipment. In addition, the human team of which our company is formed will provide you with a customized budget, personalized based on your needs and will carry out the entire process with the greatest professionalism and efficiency.

If you are looking for a quick and definitive solution for the dampness in your home, our company is an excellent choice. Find out without obligation about everything we offer, our services and rates and forget about that problem.

We seek the origin of humidity for its final disposal

At the time of beginning with the process of eliminating humidity, we carry out a complete and exhaustive diagnosis in search of the area where the humidity to be removed originated, after which we think of the action plan and the equipment and material to be used , and we get to work with the process.

Types o humidities we eliminate in Humilogic

Since our beginnings as a humidity company we have opted for the most advanced technology and continuous training, thanks to which today we can eliminate any humidity, the main ones are:

  • Capillarity: it appears because during the construction of the house or rehabilitation of rooms it was not waterproofed correctly. Given this, every time it rains the wall naturally absorbs water.
  • Condensation: this is undoubtedly one of the most common, especially in toilets and bathrooms with poor ventilation. It originates when the water vapor that is generated cannot go outside.
  • Filtration: this type originates because there are underground areas of wet earth in contact with buried walls, it may be due to rain or the area where it is located has a great natural presence of water.

These would be the main humidities that we can find, if this is your case and you want to eliminate it permanently, contact Humilogic.

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