The solution you are looking for dampness by filtration

Dampess by filtration solution

The solution you are looking for dampness by filtration

There are many types of humidity that can appear in a home or garage, however, they all have something that makes them common, and that is the difficulty for their final elimination, and that is that if it is not done correctly, in the not too distant future They will reappear, causing the work done previously to be useless.

Having a dampness company such as Humilogic, capable of permanently eliminating and providing the best solution for filtration humidity and other types, is essential to save time, money and headaches.

Humilogic has experience in carrying out specific treatments aimed at providing a definitive solution to dampness by filtration, makes it a benchmark for a wide range of people and professionals.

Today we want to dedicate this article to humidity by filtration, and the best solution when it comes to performing a treatment to eliminate it.

What is moisture by filtration? What is your solution?

This type of humidity is lateral, in other words, it comes from the other side of the buried or semi-buried wall, it is mainly located in underground plants (basements, garages, etc.). And its origin may be due to the fact that many of them are in contact with water due to recent rains and as it is not well waterproofed, the passage of time deteriorates the wall causing the humidity to show up visibly.

The solution of the dampness by filtration is very simple if you have the advice, adequate technical teams and a professional team like that of Humilogic. Well, the best option for these cases is the internal waterproofing of the walls using fiber-reinforced screen mortars and hydropoxis resins, thus preventing water filtration. In summary, what would be done would be to create a kind of inner glass that covers the affected walls and with it the humidity would no longer enter.

Our specialty: remove moisture by filtration

Being a company of anti-humidity treatments we have the most advanced technical equipment, advanced technology that allows us to offer tailor-made, professional and high-quality solutions.

Humilogic is the best option when it comes to eliminating dampness by filtration, contact our team now, they will advise you and resolve your doubts. Do not wait any longer, it is time to forget about the humidity.

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