Knows the dangers of sleeping with humidity in the room

Knows the dangers of sleeping with humidity in the room

Humidity in the room

Having dampness in the house is a more common problem than you think, as there are many houses and flats in Andalusia that are old and do not have good waterproofing.

Having to invest some money in the elimination of humidities, there are many people who prefer to leave them in the room for months before putting a definitive solution to it, which is really dangerous.

Health problems due to humidity in the room

A room is a place where we spend many hours of the day, including sleeping. Therefore, the health consequences of having dampness in these rooms can be really serious:

They can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, muscular pains, lung diseases, and all this added to the fact that mites, fungi and bacteria are more likely to appear.

Problems for your house due to humidity for months

Another type of problem derived directly from having humidity in the house is damage to the home.

A load-bearing wall that has damp can lose a large part of its load-bearing capacity, because it worsens the cohesion of the elements and materials that make up that wall and can cause the structure of your house to move.

In the same way, dampness causes paint to peel from rooms, making the surface bulge and causing cracks and small detachments.

We definitively eliminate the humidity from the rooms

Whatever humidity problem you are having in your rooms, the specialized company Humilogic will solve the problem forever.

Starting with an exhaustive analysis with an advanced diagnostic equipment, we will find the origin of the humidity and we will prepare the perfect anti-humidity treatment. We use different materials depending on the type: dampness by filtration, dampness by capillarity or dampness by condensation.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of this field, quality materials and efficiency in the process, in one week you will recover the good condition of your home and rooms. Do not sleep in a room affected by these problems, both for your health and for the well-being and useful life of the home.

Contact us if you would like us to make a diagnosis, give you an estimate and start the whole procedure as soon as possible so that you can return to live in your home in comfort and safety. With Humilogic, we assure you that you will never again suffer the consequences, both in your health and in your home, of having these annoying humidities.

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