Know 3 reasons why mold gets on the walls

por qué sale moho en las paredes

Know 3 reasons why mold gets on the walls

Mold is found outdoors, on outdoor walls, and indoors as well. It is a headache if taken lightly and not eradicated in time. There are primary reasons why mold grows on the walls, knowing these causes can facilitate the process of how to eliminate it.

Not only is it reason enough to ruin the walls to find a way to eliminate mold, it can cause respiratory diseases and compromise the health of those who live in environments with moldy walls. Read on for more information to help you if you have a mold problem on your walls.

Why does mold get out on the walls?

  1. Moisture is one of the most common causes of mold on walls, it happens regularly in houses through doors or even having open windows, vents, it can also be caused by heating and air conditioning systems.
  2. Wood, having a low ceiling, or any wood product is conducive to that mold coming out on the walls and expanding. Woods have an effect as a material in itself, being especially conducive to the growth of some types of mold on the walls. Neglecting ourselves with a little moisture on a wooden ceiling is a sure formula to see mold on our walls some time later.
  3. There are also other materials that, combined or not with humidity by condensation in homes, lead to the growth of mold, such as paint, dust, plaster, wallpaper, as well as materials such as cement, carpets, and some insulating materials.

Knowing what causes mold to grow on walls, we can apply and consider some alternatives to remove mold from walls.

How to remove mold from the walls?

The ideal is to have walls that are constantly clean, free of dust and attentive to any sign of these agents that we have already told you about that make it easier for mold to come out on the walls.

We can start with recommendations from the most general and easiest aspects:

  • Control humidity levels at home
  • Immediately repair leaking roofs, windows and pipes that lead to a concentration of moisture.
  • If you have flooding at home, clean and dry the space. Avoiding moisture at all costs is essential.
  • Keep the areas of the kitchen, the shower, where your laundry is at home ventilated and avoid dust, accumulation of debris in combination with humidity.
  • Check the regular water channels, this is the first thing to address, when there is a mold problem, there is directly humidity and some problem with the water systems.
  • Get rid of any moldy objects or items.
  • Clean the house, use components such as chlorine, and use them carefully or protecting your hands.
  • Hire a company that can handle a team of professionals to clean and remove mold from your walls.

Companies like Humilogic, dedicated to this service, have the personnel, equipment and tools to take care of the elimination of the type of mold that may appear on your walls. You already know why mold appears on the walls, now contact us!

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