Definitive treatment to eliminate humidity on the walls

Treatment for humidity on the walls

Definitive treatment to eliminate humidity on the walls

Dampness is a big problem for the walls of your house, not only because of the aesthetics of having the upper area blackened, but also because it damages the structure of the house and can produce very dangerous detachments.

That is why we recommend you to call a professional company like Humilogic as soon as you see those humidities. This company is dedicated to the specific treatment of humidities by filtration, condensation and capillarity that come out in the walls.

Definitive treatment of dampness by filtration on the walls

Dampness by filtration appears in basements and garages, where the walls are buried and in contact with the ground. The anti-humidity treatment that we apply here is the internal waterproofing of these walls with screen mortars with fibres and hydropoxy resins.

In this way, we create an interior vessel so that no humidity can enter again.

Definitive treatment of dampness by capillarity on the walls

Dampness by capillarity appears in some houses that are built on land that gets wet with rain and has water droplets. The capillaries of the bricks or cement in the houses absorb this humidity like a sponge.

The treatment of the walls here consists of injecting them with waterproofing resins based on silanes and siloxanes to create a barrier so that the humidity does not continue to rise up the walls.

Treatment of dampness by condensation on the walls

The third and last type of humidity that we eliminate at Humilogic is condensation, very common in coastal areas such as Marbella and Malaga. They appear because ambient humidity condenses on the high corners of walls and ceilings.

The definitive solution for these humidities is the installation of a VMI system (Mechanical Insufflation Ventilation) that renews the air in the house all the time without having to open the windows.

This device consumes very little energy and is only activated when necessary. So that in winter it does not let cold air in, it preheats it before it enters the house.

All these anti-humidity treatments for the walls can be applied in an average of 4 days, adding about 3 more if you want our team to carry out the finishes (plastering and painting). In about a week you will be free forever from the annoying and dangerous dampness, which affects the house and the health of those who live in it. Contact Humilogic if you need more information about treatments for humidity on walls.

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