Pillbug: what is it and what problems does it cause?


Pillbug: what is it and what problems does it cause?

Very often, traces of dampness can be found in certain places in the home, which are undoubtedly tempting for many kinds of organisms, including the pillbug. But as unpleasant as it may seem, it is completely harmless to human contact.

Although their presence serves as an indicator to take action, the conditions in which they proliferate have other consequences, such as the appearance of fungi that can pose a problem for your health. Therefore, the manifestation of the pillbug is an omen, ready to encourage you to solve those problems that are getting out of hand with humidity treatments.

What problems does the pillbug produce?

  • If you like to grow plants and keep them indoors, pillbugs can be a nuisance while they are in the process of growing. Their feeding affects the more delicate shoots, but on larger plants, they simply spoil the appearance of the leaves.
  • Pillbugs may not look very attractive, but beyond their unattractive appearance, they pose no threat to your health, so they are often nothing more than a harmless pest.

Ways to banish the pillbug forever

To eliminate this crawling problem from the corners of your home, you can resort to two alternatives, depending on the time you have available:

Buy the necessary tools to put an end to it.

You have probably already thought of insecticides that will instantly kill these little creatures that reproduce quickly and spread out in the damp corners of your home. However, there is a risk that you are unaware of many factors that attract these crustaceans.

Furthermore, they are difficult to detect because they are nocturnal animals, thanks to the climate acquiring the humidity that attracts them to hide in hidden places, where there may be more mishaps.

For your garden, by using diatomaceous earth you allow this and other insects to die dehydrated, thanks to its properties. Now, the best part is that it does not affect your plants and gives them optimal conditions for growth, unlike many pesticides.

Now, if the pest is inside your home, you should check places like the corners of the bathroom and try to reduce dampness by filtration, capillarity or condensation if you see pillbug insects present. In the kitchen, under the refrigerator, the sink or uneven corners, also under bins, tiles or places where light is hard to reach.

All these locations are suitable and conspicuous for the pillbug. They also scurry between cracks, so sealing them is the best option, because if they reproduce, they will reach every corner of the house. Applying insecticides a couple of times a week may work for a while, but if conditions remain, they will be attracted again.

Hire experts to eliminate the pillbugs

Investing in specialist agents such as Humilogic to eliminate the humidity is the most effective alternative, as they can detect the cause of the problem and provide you with different solutions to get rid of humidity and pillbugs for good.

The cost may be a little higher, but in return you will get a long-lasting solution that not only eliminates the dampness bugs. There are other humidity problems that can arise under the same conditions, such as mould, a fungus that spreads in dark or damp corners and can cause a health problem.

Thus, the most effective method is to greatly reduce the conditions where damp woodlice may be attracted. To do this, experts will take a number of steps to keep these insects away, and also preserve your health. Contact us for more information.

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