I have small bugs in my house, how can I keep them away?

Small bugs at home

I have small bugs in my house, how can I keep them away?

It is almost a cosmic law that at some point you have had to deal with small bugs at home, such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, damp woodlice, mosquitoes, flies, among other undesirable names have crept into some room of the home. It is a problem that arises from neglecting the hygiene of a specific area (flies, worms, mosquitoes or ants can make an appearance).

Or because of leaks due to some deterioration in the structure of your home, which provides the right conditions for them to lodge and hide for a large part of the day. Cracks, damp areas, dark or little frequented corners are a target for spiders, centipedes, moths, scorpions, among other species that you may have living with you and have not yet noticed.

The best ways to get rid of small bugs in your home

None of these evils will be able to stay in your home forever, since in this article you will find different methods to get rid of the different species (although none of these alternatives is infallible, they are effective to counteract them for a certain period of time).

Soap for ants

You may be asking yourself “how do you get rid of such numerous little bugs?“. The answer is: You can’t, but it is possible to control them. You can spend hours following their trail and crushing or burning them with a magnifying glass and a little sunlight, or you can use soap to clean the route they take to move food they find on the floor, dining room and even sink.

This way they become disorientated and have no choice but to return to their nest. However, do you want to waste soap every time they appear? Considering that they are becoming more numerous and expand their territory by creating tunnels that can extend through walls, floors, wood or any place with a small route that serves as a lair.

Insulation for spiders

Sealing windows and doors is the best way to keep them at bay, as they tend to crawl through these openings in the home. They are a nightmare for many, but they control the insect population, even though they make the area where they are found dirty with spider webs and give away their location irretrievably.

Moths are more elusive

They tend to lay their eggs in cereals and grains, so if you don’t eat these foods quickly, you give them enough time to hatch, grow and develop. The fridge can solve this problem, but if you’re not a fan of the idea, keep cereals and grains in a sealed container.

Cockroaches and mealybugs

Did you know that there are small bugs in damp dwellings at home because they get favourable conditions for their survival? And these pests can sneak in in different ways:

Cockroaches are able to infiltrate through cracks in drains, hide under corners or objects where they are difficult to reach and are incredibly adaptable. They survive in extreme conditions, but they abhor places that are unclean. For that reason, if there is a leak, or an area where they can hide, they are likely to reproduce.

On the other hand, mealybugs can emerge from gardens, as they tend to inhabit humid places surrounded by plants when they are in the wild. So, if you move a plant from your garden to a potted plant, it is likely that one or two will find a similar habitat to the one that attracts cockroaches.

Contact experts like Humilogic for long-term solutions

There are many species that, as a result of humidity in certain areas of your home, can invade your spaces and often appear as a result of large-scale problems. Calling in an expert to offer you antihumidity treatments to eliminate humidity is the solution to these mishaps.

Fighting pests becomes pointless if you don’t find the cause and dissipate it at the root. That’s why professionals like Humilogic have a fundamental role to play when it comes to giving you the peace of mind you need with humidity treatments. We deal with dampness by capillarity, condensation and filtration. Contact us.

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