Fighting mold: how to remove that unwanted tenant from the bathroom ceiling

como quitar moho techo bano

Fighting mold: how to remove that unwanted tenant from the bathroom ceiling

¡Ah, the mold on the ceiling of the bathroom! That unwanted visit that seems to settle as if paying rent. But quiet, you are not alone in this fight. From Humilogic, we’ll show you how to say goodbye to the mold on your bathroom ceiling.

How to remove mold from your bathroom ceiling

Removing mold from the bathroom ceiling may seem like a daunting battle, but with the right steps, you can regain freshness and cleanliness. Before fighting, identify the affected areas. Look for dark spots or discoloration on the bathroom ceiling. Mold prefers wet environments, so the ceiling is a common goal.

Necessary tools

What you’ll need: white vinegar, baking soda, a sprayer, a hard bristle brush and protective gloves. These elements will be your allies in the battle against mold.

Follow this steps

  1. Preparation of the cleaner: mix equal parts of white vinegar and baking soda in the sprayer. This blend creates a powerful and natural cleaner.
  2. Applying the cleaner: Generously spray the mixture over the affected areas. Make sure to completely cover the mold.
  3. Wait and attack: let the cleaner act for at least 15 minutes. Vinegar will disinfect and remove mold, while baking soda will enhance the effect.
  4. Intense brushing: use the hard bristle brush to scrub persistent stains. Exert pressure, but don’t overdo it to avoid damaging the roof. The estimated time of brushing is about 10 minutes but, you should take into account the intensity of the stains.
  5. Final rinse: rinse the ceiling with clean water to remove any cleaner residue and mold. No matter how much water you use, keep in mind that it should be completely clean and the ceiling should look like new, without any cleaning.

What not to do when removing mold from the bathroom ceiling

Removing mold from the bathroom ceiling is a crucial task, but there are some traps you should avoid falling.
  • Don’t forget your personal protection: Don’t throw yourself into battle without your protective gear! Gloves, glasses and, if you’re sensitive, a mask. Mold is not your friend, so protect yourself.
  • Underestimate ventilation: Don’t underestimate the importance of ventilation! Opening a window or turning on a fan helps to dissipate cleaner fumes and keep the area ventilated. You don’t want to inhale nasty chemicals.
  • Neglecting regular cleaning: don’t turn a blind eye to regular cleaning. Mold is like that annoying neighbor who comes back if you don’t keep him in line! A regular cleaning routine is key to avoiding future mold invaders.
  • Forget the full inspection: Don’t forget to inspect well! Don’t just focus on visible spots; look for possible hiding places and attack from all fronts. Mold is cunning, so be smarter.
  • Exaggerate with strong chemicals: don’t go crazy with strong chemicals, it’s not always better. Do not use too aggressive products, as they can damage the ceiling and are not good for health.
  • Do not dry well after cleaning: after the battle, do not leave the playing field without drying it properly! Moisture is the best friend of mold, so be relentless and make sure the roof is dry and ready to withstand future attacks.

Why can mold appear on the ceiling of a bathroom?

The mold on the bathroom ceiling is an annoying visitor, but understanding why you decide to make an appearance can help you prevent future encounters.

  1. Excessive humidity: the bathroom is a constant source of moisture due to showers, bathrooms and sinks. If ventilation is not adequate, that moisture builds up on surfaces, such as the ceiling, providing the perfect environment for mold.
  2. Porous surfaces: ceilings with porous walls or surfaces, such as old paints or deteriorated plaster, are more susceptible to mold.
  3. Adequate temperature: mold thrives in warm environments. If your bath has a constant and pleasant temperature, it provides the ideal breeding ground for mold.

If you want to remove mold from the ceiling of your bathroom, do not hesitate to contact us.

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