Do you have humidity bugs at home? That’s not good…

Do you have humidity bugs at home? That’s not good…

Animals have always served as an alert or indicator of something for human beings, thanks to their internal radars, highly developed senses or their instincts. An example of this is the migration of birds, which tells us that the seasons are changing. Or cows, which gather in groups when they sense that it is going to rain, to conserve their body heat.

Moisture bugs and their danger

If in your home or company you often come across small grey or white bugs about 10 millimetres long, with antennae, elongated bodies and angles, there is some kind of problem in that area. If you come across the so-called silverfish or also known colloquially as the humidity bugs, this indicates that you may have serious problems with humidity in this area, as it is the habitat of these animals. Moisture bugs live in environments with low light and high humidity levels. We tell you more below, thanks to being one of the references of the companies specialized in humidity:

Characteristics of the humidity bugs or silverfish

Its scientific name is Lepisma Saccharina or Flour Lepisma. Normally, they are difficult animals to see, as they have phototaxia, in other words, they flee from light and therefore hide from the human eye. Due to their habitat, they tend to appear mainly in bathrooms, where there is little light and where humidity predominates compared to other spaces.

Although at first sight these little creatures look harmless, we should not neglect their presence, as they represent a threat to your belongings. For example, humidity bugs usually feed on books or photographs, as well as silk, linen, cotton etc. garments, so they can wreak havoc if a plague appears. That is why, and why they are not usually visible to the naked eye, when we detect one we look for the problem causing it: dampness.

If we remove the humidity that we have at home or in any location or room, the habitat of this animal will disappear and with it the risks that they can cause.

Health problems caused by moisture bugs

Health problems caused by moisture bugs can be serious and affect many people. These insects, which thrive in humid environments, can cause various conditions that affect the quality of life. It is important to know the risks to take appropriate preventive measures. Common health problems include:

  • Allergies: moisture bugs can trigger allergic reactions, such as sneezing, itchy eyes, and skin rashes.
  • Respiratory problems: prolonged exposure can cause asthma and other respiratory diseases, especially in children and the elderly.
  • Infections: some insects can transmit pathogens that cause infections in the skin and other tissues.

Eliminate humidity and its bugs with Humilogic

If you detect humidity bugs or silverfish or dangerous black mould, contact us to tackle the problem at its root and avoid any risks that may arise if neglected in time. At Humilogic, we are professionals in eliminating humidity in walls or ceilings, as well as the different types of dampness: by capillarity, by condensation or by filtration.

Thanks to our experience, we can quickly identify the problem and apply a correct anti-humidity treatment to it. We have a great team of qualified professionals specialised in humidity problems in homes, making homes more habitable, comfortable and warm, so the solution will not be temporary, but permanent.

Contact us now and assure your family of the main risks that affect the respiratory system and other secondary risks of living in an area of high humidity. Call us or fill in the form on our website, for advice and a quote without obligation.

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