Do you have humidity at home? Find the ultimate solution

Do you have humidity at home? Find the ultimate solution

Although it seems the opposite, suffering from dampness at home is very common. With so many old and poorly insulated and waterproofed houses and buildings, many homeowners have to deal with this problem over the years.

Why has moisture now appeared in my house?

The origin of dampness can be very different, as not all dampness is the same.

One of the causes may be that the foundations of the house are not properly waterproofed. When it is in contact with the ground, every time it rains or if there is a water pipe nearby, the humidity starts to rise through the pores of the walls until it shows up as mould, bad smells, paint peeling…

Another cause may be the area in which you live. If it is very damp, as on the coast, there are houses that do not expel the water vapour that ends up condensing at high points in the house.

What types of dampness are there? We explain them to you

Dampness by filtration is the first type, and usually appears in the basement of the house or in the garage. It can be detected when white saltpetre stains are seen, paint starts to peel or mould stains appear in the corners of the walls.

Dampness by capillarity is one of the most common problems at Humilogic, a company specialized in anti-humidity treatments. Here too, the walls swell, causing the paint to fall out. In addition, stains of hygroscopic salts can appear.

The third type is dampness due to condensation, which, as we have mentioned, is produced in humid areas such as the coast and appears because the steam cannot go outside properly.

How can humidity be eliminated from the home forever?

To eliminate humidity at home definitively, it is necessary to count on the expert help of a specialised company like Humilogic. With our advanced diagnostic equipment, we will find both the origin and the type of humidity and we will apply the most suitable treatment for dampness.

In a few days you will have your perfect home again, without humidity and without the dangers that these entail, such as breathing difficulties or damage to the structure of the house. If you would like more information about our services, please contact us without obligation. Humilogic will take care of the problem forever.

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