The most effective treatment of dampness by capillarity

Treatment of dampness by capillarity in Malaga

The most effective treatment of dampness by capillarity

When dampness appears in a house or garage, it can be a serious problem if it is not removed permanently and in a short period of time. It affects the structure of the house or garage causing it to collapse over time, and also the health of the tenants because it makes breathing difficult.

Therefore, treating these dampnesses as soon as possible and with a specialized company is very important. At Humilogic we have both the human team and the most advanced technology to find the origin of the humidity and eliminate it effectively with a specific treatment, preventing it from reappearing.

One of the most common humidities that can appear in your house is capillarity. Read on to find out more about this type of humidity.

How dampness by capillarity can be detected

In this case, the water rises through the capillaries or pores in the walls. This causes the affected walls to swell and the paint to peel off their surface.

It can also happen that white dust stains appear, which are hygroscopic salts, carried away by the water.

Although this is a visual way to know more or less what kind of dampness there is at home, at Humilogic we always make a diagnosis with an advanced technology equipment to be completely sure that it is by capillarity. Then, we proceed to apply the treatment.

This is the treatment for dampness by capillarity

There are several solutions for dampness by capillarity in the market, but at Humilogic we only bet on the most effective treatment: the injection of waterproofing resins based on silanes and siloxanes into the affected walls.

What is achieved is to generate a waterproof and water-repellent barrier that prevents water from rising through the wall.

The step-by-step treatment of this humidity in Malaga

If you have a house in Malaga and you are suffering from this dampness by capillarity, the treatment would consist of the following steps:

  • We remove the affected coating until it reaches the support
  • We sanitize and treat hygroscopic salts
  • We inject the waterproofing resins
  • We put a new coating on the walls with macro-porous material
  • We paint with ecological paints

Eliminate permanently the humidity in your house with Humilogic. In a few days we will have solved the problem, and it will never come out again. Our dampness by capillarity treatment is the most effective that exists, and we have already proved it with hundreds of customers throughout the province of Malaga.

If you need more information about this type, or condensation or filtration, please contact us.

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