Eliminate insects that appear in your home due to humidity

Insects in the house due to humidity

Eliminate insects that appear in your home due to humidity

Lately you may have noticed different insects appearing in your home, especially in damp areas such as bathrooms, and you may not know how to get rid of them.

Some, such as humidity flies or humidity bugs, also known as silverfish, are an indication that your home is suffering from significant humidity that you need to remedy.

Eliminating humidity is not only important to remove these insects, but the dreaded black mould that often appears can also seriously affect your health and the structure of the house if you don’t put a definitive solution to it. It is very toxic and dangerous, because it can cause coughing, allergies, pulmonary haemorrhages, oedema, dermatitis and many other symptoms.

These are the types of dampness that cause insects to appear

There are three types of dampness that your home may be suffering from, and which are the source of insects: dampness due to filtration, capillarity and condensation.

If the insects that appear in your house are mainly in the basement or garage, it is most likely to be dampness due to filtration. The origin is that the walls that are in contact with the ground are not well waterproofed, and when it rains or if there is underground water, seepage occurs.

On the other hand, dampness due to capillarity is one of the most common types of damp. It can be seen in walls and ceilings throughout the home, and arises because the foundations and the start of the walls are not well insulated and absorb damp whenever it rains.

Finally, there is dampness by condensation, which appears in areas of high humidity, such as on the coast. Here, insects can appear anywhere.

But what is the ultimate solution for humidity and insects? The answer lies with the humidity specialist Humilogic.

We effectively eliminate humidity and insects from your home

Humilogic has a first class team and equipment. We have extensive experience in the elimination of dampness, and therefore damp insects, with hundreds of clients. Our high-tech diagnostic equipment allows us to know what type of dampness it is, so that we can apply the most appropriate anti-humidity treatment.

Get rid of the dangers to your health and your home from black mould, flies and bugs forever with Humilogic. If you need more information, contact us.

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