Find out how to eliminate the humidity fly with Humilogic

How to eliminate humidity flies

Find out how to eliminate the humidity fly with Humilogic

Animals and insects, although they can sometimes be annoying, fulfill a function for the different ecosystems. But if the ecosystem they are in is our home, the situation is not optimal, as they can pose health risks due to the bacteria and other pollutants they possess. If the problem is not tackled at the root, this can become a real problem, if pests of any kind appear in every corner of the house.

One of the most common and annoying insects or bugs in the home are flies. There are many types of flies, predominantly fruit flies and humidity flies. In this article, we are going to talk about flies or damp midge flies, which we are sure you have seen around the house at some time. Find out all the details about this type of insect and learn how to eliminate damp flies below from Humilogic.

Learn about the characteristics of the dampness fly

Psychodidae (Psychodidae) are a family of nematoceroid dipterans known colloquially by various names: humidity flies, moth flies, bathroom flies or drain flies (of the subfamily Psychodinae) and beatae (of the subfamily Phlebotominae).

These insects occur in low-light, cool, moist environments (both soil and air), such as vents, drains or baths. This is where they lay their eggs, as they feed on hair, fungi that appear due to humidity and other organic debris. This is why they are also known as bathroom or drain flies, as this is usually the room in the home that meets the basic aspects of a damp mosquito’s habitat. This type of habitat, they have in common with another insect, known as silverfish or humidity bugs.

In addition to the hygienic risk that these damp mosquitoes provide by living in contaminated water, there are also two subfamilies that are a major vector of diseases such as leishmaniasis, which affects both humans and vertebrate animals.

The most effective method of eliminating the humidity fly

The very short reproductive cycle of these insects and the inordinate number of eggs they lay (hundreds), makes it very difficult to eliminate the pest. It may seem that there are none left, but they are certainly hiding in any drain or drainpipe, as well as being nocturnal insects.

That’s why, if you spot any humidity flies in your home, you probably have a problem. Even if you only see two or three, it is very likely that there is already a colony of these insects nearby and you only have to wait a few weeks for an infestation to occur.

Eliminate the humidity and the problem will go away

So how do you eliminate the humidity bugs? As in other situations around the world, it is better to be safe than sorry. That is, we don’t act on the consequence, but on the cause. In this case, the trigger for the whole problem is high humidity in a particular house or area, so we must act on it. Eliminating the source of the damp is the most effective solution to get rid of these insects, whether it is due to condensation, filtration or one of the most common, dampness by capillarity.

By attacking the damp, we tackle the problem at its root, as we permanently prevent the appearance of these bugs, as opposed to temporary and ineffective solutions such as scented traps for these bugs. A complete cleaning of the drains or pipes we have, both in the bathroom and in other taps such as the kitchen or the drain of the washing machine, can also help.

The best anti-humidity treatments in Malaga with Humilogic

In Humilogic, we are a company specialised in humidity based in the province of Malaga, although we also work in other surrounding areas. We are experts in antihumidity treatments for any type of humidity problem found in walls, ceilings, basements, etc. Increase the quality of life in a room where we spend a lot of time and avoid running health risks, such as the dangerous black mould, also resulting from high humidity.

Don’t hesitate for a moment and eliminate humidity with Humilogic. Contact us and we will answer any questions you may have. In addition, we will put our experience, our knowledge and our work at your disposal and eliminate humidity, humidity mosquitoes and humidity bugs once and for all. There are already many favourable testimonials from some of our customers, who have been very satisfied with our work. Ask us for a quote and you will see how affordable it is to remove damp from your home.


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